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Dazzle and Diego run the banks of the Wolf River
September, 2011

WB’s Dazzle Me
Dazzle is a brindle male Greyhound born in November of 2001, and he’s my first Greyhound. He was a AA dog who spent his entire career at Southland Park racing for the Bussmann-Balakas kennel until his injury-induced retirement. I adopted Dazzle in July of 2005 from¬†MSGAO and he was not ready for retirement; all he wanted to do was race! Quite the character in his younger days, Dazzle has mellowed out considerably and prefers to spend his afternoons napping. He’s finally taking his retirement seriously.

Diego is a Great Pyrenees born in May of 2010. I brought him home at 12 weeks old, and he has matured into an amazing dog who is a pleasure to spend time with. He’s wonderful with my senior Greyhound; in fact, he think Diego is the biggest and best chew toy ever made. He loves to play, he’s very food motivated, and his favorite toy is an empty juice bottle. He has become quite the guard dog, too!

Pep Echo
4/5/01 – 1/5/12
Echo was a blue brindle female Greyhound born in April 2001. She spent her short and fruitless racing career at the Birmingham Race Course. For two years she lived with a family in Alabama before she was surrendered to a local doggy daycare who asked me to give her a home. Echo came home with me six weeks after I adopted Dazzle. She was the most polite, easygoing, peaceful dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. She loved to rest her head in my lap, her favorite food was peanut butter, and her favorite thing to do was sleep.

Princess Echo

8/21/97 – 6/19/09
Julio was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He was quite the athlete in his younger days and loved doing agility. When he was seven years old he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and given a year to live. As he aged, he lost his vision as well as his hearing yet adapted beautifully. He developed severe arthritis in the months before his passing, which ultimately was too much for him to handle. Julio was a month shy of his 12th birthday and the cancer never returned. He was an amazing guy.

Julio chewing a stick

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