We’re at GFNC Mountain Hounds and having a blast!

I took 1000+ photos today and I’m sure I’ll take about as many tomorrow. Will be posting a gallery soon, so keep checking back!

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  1. Thanks for coming to Mountain Hounds. I enjoys speaking with you and I look forward to viewing the photos. Fuzz Face Mighty is looking for the photos of her butt tattoo. :-) Stay safe and good luck!

    • My proof reading is terrible! I meant to say that I enjoyED speaking with you.

      The Overmountain Pack (Anita, Steve, Hip Hop, and Fuzz Face Mighty) wish you a safe and speedy return home.

    • Thanks so much! It was wonderful to meet you as well. I had a really great time at Mountain Hounds and already can’t wait for next year! I’ll get those photos up asap. :)

  2. Rachel, It was nice talking with you at Mountain Hounds and we are anxious to see your images. I’m glad I noticed you taking the candid shots of our “shy” blue girl! Ronnie and Kimberly Peters, GRFT

  3. Hi Rachel!

    It was SO great to meet you and THANK YOU for taking the pics!!! I can’t wait to see them!!! I love your site, it’s full of awesome stuff – thanks again!!! Your hard work will be treasured by those who attended the event.

    Regards – Amy Reynard
    GFNC President & Member, Mountain Hounds Planning Team

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